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High explosives, such as C-4 and TNT, expand more rapidly, generating much greater pressure. In low explosives, such as the propellant in a bullet cartridge, the reaction occurs relatively slowly and the pressure isn’t as damaging. The pressure can also push pieces of solid material outward at great speed, causing them to hit people or structures with a lot of force. In a high explosive, the gas pressure is strong enough to destroy structures and injure and kill people. At first, many people thought the attacks were being committed by the Russian government, causing some pundits to label the events the first “cyber war.” It’s now believed that the Russian government didn’t directly participate in the attacks, although they did contribute a lot of angry rhetoric. they were shooting in countries where it was legal to do so. Even shooting the explosive with a rifle won’t trigger the reaction. The basic idea of plastic explosives, also called plastic bonded explosives (PBX), is to combine explosive chemicals with a plastic binder material. In the next section, we’ll find out what sets it apart from other explosives. So anytime you’re seeing car movies make certain that you keep an eye out for more than just what you see. Ever since we figured out how to take an image and develop it, we’ve been preserving family memories. Explosives experts refer to rapid explosive reactions as detonation. A U.S. Army unit detonated C-4 explosives inside this Serbian battle tank during Operation Joint Guard. C-4 is a high explosive designed for military use.  A᠎rt᠎ic᠎le h as be en cre ated with the he᠎lp of GSA Content᠎ Generator  DEMO. But fish do not naturally possess the physical traits that humans use to convey emotions. Both Shockwave and Flash can also use bitmap images, which webmasters can condense and scale down to keep file sizes small. It also contains a small amount of motor oil and some 2, 3-dimethyl-2, 3-dinitrobutane (DMDNB), which functions as a chemical marker for security forces. The expanding gases only serve to push a small object.